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Four professional filmmakers: Mohamed Alarini Bah, Aminata Bockarie, Mohamed Janneh and Schwarbu E. Kamara has started giving back to the nation by training thirty aspiring filmmakers in the mechanics of Filmmaking and Media for Peace at Javouhey house in Freetown. The four filmmakers have undergone series of Training of Trainers Workshops and have produced lots of films in the past four years.

The trainings lasted from 28th– 30th November and 19th– 21st December, 2018 at Javouhey House in Freetown. The participants were trained in Story Development, Script Writing, Directing, Camera and Editing. Before the end of the workshop the participants shot and edited sample scenes of fictional and documentary films. The participants were drawn from Freetown, Waterloo, Port Loko, Makeni, Mile 91, Bo and Kenema. At the end of the workshop the thirty participants were able to develop two short fictional stories and two short documentary stories and a certificate was awarded to each and every participant to climax the end of the six days workshop in Filmmaking and Media for Peace.

The workshop was organized by the Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) and based in Germany with funds provided by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (B.M.Z) and Bread for the World.

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Mohamed Alarini Bah
Documentation Officer

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