For more than three decades we have been promoting
and supporting adult education in all its forms nationwide

Why It Matters...


We open new doors and widen horizons for almost 1000 young adults every year. Learning to read and write and acquiring numeracy skills boost the self-esteem of our learners and provide important new proficiencies. Literacy brings a greater sense of personal dignity and additional skills relevant to problem-solving.


Our learners discover that they can start running their own business, can open bank accounts and manage their money intelligently. They become aware that there is a future for themselves and their families.


Training local facilitators is a hallmark of our literacy programme. Our experience reveals that facilitators from the same cultural and ecological background as non-literates are very successful in carrying out literacy programmes.


We also create job opportunities by providing basic skills-training that enable attendees to succeed on a professional basis because they usually become self-employed.

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