Waterloo is the second largest settlement in the Western Area of Sierra Leone and a suburb of Freetown. Located just 18 miles east of Freetown, Waterloo has a current population of approximately 20,000.

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What We Do
Continuing Education Centre - Bo
Continuing Education Centre - Bonthe
Continuing Education Centre - Makeni
Continuing Education Centre - Pujehun
Continuing Education Centre - Mile 91
Ceramic Centre - Waterloo


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Civil Peace Service (CPS)

Our Activities

Our classes take place within the communities mentioned above. Learning takes place three hours a day leaving the rest of the day for the participants to engage in other economical activities.

Success Stories

Full of Optimism and Joy

Sallaj Coker has an effervescent temperament and bubbles over with ideas. She is a creative young woman who loves to be self-employed, creating new business ideas and rushing from one task to the other.

Full of Confidence

Mohamed M. Sesay is a 26-year-old teacher. At present he is teaching mathematics, business, English and social studies in a private school in Kenema, and in his spare time he volunteers at SLADEA, where he teaches functional literacy.

Being a Weaver

Betty Sesay teaches weaving at SLADEA's Continuing Education Centre in Bonthe. “Teaching is very important to me,” says the 42-year-old, who obviously loves what she does. She is also highly appreciated by her students.

Education is the Cornerstone

Education is the Cornerstone

When Abu Bakar M. Kamara talks about education his big trademark smile suddenly disappears. He says “I have a huge interest in education. Education is the key to my and others’ success.”
He speaks with deep concern.

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