Pujehun is a rural town in Pujehun District in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone .
The town is the capital of and second largest town of Pujehun District.

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Continuing Education Centre - Bo
Continuing Education Centre - Bonthe
Continuing Education Centre - Makeni
Continuing Education Centre - Pujehun
Continuing Education Centre - Mile 91
Ceramic Centre - Waterloo


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Civil Peace Service (CPS)

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Our classes take place within the communities mentioned above. Learning takes place three hours a day leaving the rest of the day for the participants to engage in other economical activities.

Continuing Education Centre - Pujehun

The town is the birth place of Kisima Kamara, the inventor of the Vai script. Kisimi Kamara was a promoter of literacy in the local language

The Pujehun community was greatly affected by the country's civil war. The youth were one of the groups most impacted. School drop-outs, teenage pregnancies, violence, and sexually transmitted diseases were common during the civil war.

To help learners acquire basic education. This encompasses knowledge and skills acquisition as well as the formation of positive attitudes.

Our educational program in Pujehun has provided significant benefits to adult learners:

  • Learners feel thedy are making progress
  • Learners are connected with their culture and community history
  • Learners are taking control of their lives and their future and the future of their communities

In addition to basic education we offer skills training to liberate learners from unemployment and poverty.

Pujehun has established the most well kept wood lot in our ecological promotion program.

SLADEA focuses on the aspirations and needs of learners. We provide a learning environment which is characterized by flexibility and recognition of the capacity of our participants. We create opportunities to release learners’ potential. The participants are the central actors within the education and learning process. Our methods aim to give learners the tools to further develop their skills and attitudes. We see learning as an ongoing process. A crucial feature in this process is learning by doing.

Our activities take the form of literacy and numeracy classes, education regarding children’s rights and vocational training. Participants learn literacy and numeracy during the first part of the morning. We also teach matters related to:

  • Democratic decision-making
  • Ecological Awareness
  • Non-violent Communication
  • Gender & Development
  • Human Rights
  • Nutrition
  • Health Care
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Nutrition

Vocational training takes place in the afternoon and focuses on the areas of:

  • Hair-dressing
  • Tailoring
  • Weaving
  • Wood-lot management

With the wood lot we helped to pave the way to building capacity for sustainable land management in Pujehun. This project also raises ecological awareness and combats land degradation in this area.

The activities of the centre in Pujehun meet the needs of the learners. Our program facilitates tolerance, enriches cultural backgrounds and explores capacities, abilities and talents. The success of our education programme shows that education that is relevant and oriented to the needs of the learners is contributing to their level of commitment to the programme.

Every year up to 50 learners complete a course of training. They either become self-employed, find a suitable job in their community or attend formal education institutions.

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