Bonthe is a town located on Sherbro Island in Bonthe District
in the southern Province of Sierra Leone.

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Continuing Education Centre - Bo
Continuing Education Centre - Bonthe
Continuing Education Centre - Makeni
Continuing Education Centre - Pujehun
Continuing Education Centre - Mile 91
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Our classes take place within the communities mentioned above. Learning takes place three hours a day leaving the rest of the day for the participants to engage in other economical activities.

Continuing Education Centre - Bonthe

Bonthe is a town located on Sherbro Island in Bonthe District in the southern Province of Sierra Leone. It is about 187 miles south-east of Freetown by road (about 55 miles by sea). The town has an estimated population of 20,000. In colonial times Bonthe used to be a major trading centre for piassava and other agricultural products.

The economic collapse of virtually all major industries in the late 1980s had a drastically negative effect on the economy and the educational system of the island. The town’s poor economic situation has also encouraged a massive brain drain of teachers to more viable towns.

SLADEA aims to improve the life perspectives of its learners. Our target groups for basic education are:

  • Non-literate Youth and Adults
  • Those who wish to increase their level of education
  • People - who have left school early before completing the primary phase

To help learners to acquire knowledge, skills and to develop positive attitudes.

SLADEA prioritises a learner-centred approach. We emphasize participants’ options and choices and focus on practical skills and knowledge. Through participation, empowerment and consciousness-raising we open new doors for participants. The participants control the learning process and as a result our programmes include the kinds of skills, knowledge, and attitudes that are desired by the learners.

Our activities take the form of literacy and numeracy classes, education regarding children’s rights and vocational training.

Participants learn literacy and numeracy during the first part of the morning. We also teach matters related to:

  • Democratic Decision-Making
  • Gender & Development
  • Nutrition
  • Health
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention
  • Human rights
  • Non-violent Communication

Vocational training takes place in the afternoon and focuses on the areas of:

  • Tailoring
  • Weaving

The education centre in Bonthe also runs a solar-powered lighting system that can be used for cultural activities such as music, dance, drama and sports. Since starting our activities we have become the focus of attention in Bonthe. Every year we organise many activities in our centre.

The activities in the Bonthe education centre attract about 100 learners every year. Our program facilitates tolerance, enriches cultural backgrounds and explores capacities, abilities and talents. The success of our education programme shows that education that is relevant and oriented to the needs of the learners is contributing to their level of commitment to the centre’s program.

Many of our learners who complete a course of training are self-employed. Others enrol in formal education courses, or find a suitable job in their community.

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