Men and Women in Sierra Leone

The project SIERRA LEONE ON THE RISE brought together eight (8) young film-makers and sixteen (16) aspiring film-makers to talk about gender equality and equal opportunities for men and women in Sierra Leone and to use those discussions as a starting point for the production of eight (8) short films.

The German organisations WELTFILME and Xchange Perspectives together with their local partners SLADEA, Culture Radio and MADAM organised a follow up project of the successful film project “Sierra Leone on the Mend”. It is again financed by BMZ and Bread for the World.

In June, a 10-day workshop was conducted in Makeni were the participants acquired skills in Media for Peace and in writing, directing and producing fictional and documentary films.

Afterwards, the participants created eight (8) short films seeking to shed light on questions like: Do men and women have equal opportunities in Sierra Leone? Is gender equality considered to be a topic of social importance? If not, what has to be done to make a change?

The eight (8) short movies are talking about land rights, forced marriage, rape cases, child abuse, FGM, girl’s education, domestic violence and family issues.

The films will be distributed nationally and internationally to support dialogue among Sierra Leoneans, and for the voice of the country’s youth to reach a wide audience. We are looking forward to another Mobile Cinema Tour through the country by end of this year.

Bravo to all the film makers!!

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