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Welcome to SLADEA

Sierra Leone Adult Education Association

Improving the lives of adults and their families, communities and society through functional adult education

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Education for Self-Reliance

is our watchword

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SLADEA Executives

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Our Work

What We Do
Continuing Education Centre - Bo
Continuing Education Centre - Bonthe
Continuing Education Centre - Makeni
Continuing Education Centre - Pujehun
Continuing Education Centre - Mile 91
Ceramic Centre - Waterloo


Success Stories



Civil Peace Service (CPS)

Our Activities

Our classes take place within the communities mentioned above. Learning takes place three hours a day leaving the rest of the day for the to engage in other economical activities.



SLADEA's Newsletter - Glimpses

Glimpses being the voice of SLADEA, aims to inform, educate and record reflections on salient national and international issues in the field of Adult Education...

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Filmprojekt Sierra Leone On The Rise

The project SIERRA LEONE ON THE RISE brought together eight (8) young film-makers and sixteen (16) aspiring film-makers to talk about gender equality and ...

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PRO Training

Mid May, the last PRO training lasted for three days in Pujehun. Six (6) newly elected PRO’s were also present. Different methods were used to repeat the topics for...

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Mobile Cinema Sierra Leone On The MEND

In early April 2016, SLADEA and Culture Radio organised a Mobile Cinema tour all over Sierra Leone to introduce a film project called “Sierra Leone on the MEND” ...

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SLADEA 6th National Delegates Conference

SLADEA is a pioneer in the Field of Adult Education for over three decades. It support and promote Adult Education in all form. SLADEA has its branches nationwide

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The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and Bread for the world (BftW) all in Germany.
After an intensive film and Media for Peace training, film production and post production, the thirty-four filmmakers produced two short documentaries and two short fictional films.
These four short films were  premiered on Saturday  14th October 2017 at the Sierra Leone National Museum grounds in Freetown and there will be a nationwide film screening tour from 16th - 25th October 2017.







Thirty four filmmakers and aspiring filmmakers from Sierra Leone, Liberia and Ghana have, during an intensive filmmaking and Media for Peace workshop, been trained and certified in filmmaking and how to use the media to promote peace in their respective countries.

The project called “On the Move” was organized by Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA) and Culture Radio in Sierra Leone in collaboration with, Xchange Perspective in Germany, NAEL in Liberia and Youth Bridge Foundation in Ghana.


Morris loves to dance and tries to prove to his father that he can make a living

using his talent. After a series of setbeacks that nearly shatter Morris' resolve,

there is light at the end of the turnnel.

Due to the porverty of her family, Mayilla is forced to fund her education by crushing stones

A job entailing hard physical lobour in a dangerous working enviroment.

When K’Doe dropped out of school, he had no option but to take a job as a grave digger but he has different aspiration, what can he do to realize his dreams while at the same time trying to provide for his family.


Nana wants to become a professional photographer but her fiance only sees the housewife in her her struggle becomes increasingly difficult, when a client doesnt trust her photography skills.



Our Mission

We are committed to reducing the high rate of illiteracy among adults in the non-formal sector through suitable literacy and adult education programmes that lead to self-reliance.

Our Vision

We envision a country where every citizen can read and write and therefore enjoy full participation in the development of their communities.

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